49 – How to Hijack Your Competitor’s Audience in 2023

The ways of doing the hijacking change but for many niches it’s one of the easiest ways to target traffic.

I used to do this via gmail, youtube, instagram etc..

Not a fan of sharing tactics much as they do not last but this one is fun.

Twitter is the current playground

So if you’re in a niche that has active competition there. 

Here’s what I do:

Let’s say you have courses in the “no code” space.

Quick search

As you go through, pick the handles of ones that do some sort of no-code training, target no-code builders or are simply building audiences around learning no-code

Next you use them as the target option.

  • I like 20-30 (you can see which ones should be kept/removed after a week or so of running ads)
  • I do select 3-5 regions per ad group (I want ones where people have money)
  • Audiences of 250K+ are good (work your way up to that)
  • Age select (whatever matches your avatar)

Eventually this option will go away.

Enjoy while it lasts.

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