How to Get Lucky

One of my friends just messaged me saying he only took two weeks off in the past two years.

I want to keep the momentum going

Agreed. Never mess with momentum… nor luck.

Most of us don’t like giving luck much attention. Reminds me of the saying… “if you only work hard and keep at it eventually you will become a success.”

Not likely without luck involved.

So how do you get lucky?

Market at least one hour every day

Especially when things are going great. I create systems. Almost every person on my team including me does this. We often get lucky.

How do you double your luck?

Publish more

The ultimate goal is to get people into your eco-system. You publish detailed content where you have the control. You publish ideas and highlights on social platforms where your audience hangs out.

Here’s a quick example. I posted the following today on Facebook. It was an idea that I wanted to test out before giving it any extra thought.

Less than 30 minutes later

It usually takes my assistant four hours of outreach to get me on a podcast.

Now it’s your turn


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