46 – How to capitalize on desire and make more sales?

How to capitalize on desire and make more sales?

We’re all going to die one day.

Before that happens…

There are two constant unknowns.

  1. What happens after we die?
  2. How the rest of our lives turn out?

What drives all of our behavior is desire (even though we don’t quite know what that is on some days).

Scientists have came up with lists of 3-16 basic human desires.

Here’s the list I fall back on

  • Safety
  • Belonging
  • Mattering

The way I was taught to uncover them is through the “why” exercise?


Why are you reading this newsletter?

  • So I can sell more courses

Why do you want to sell more courses?

  • So I can separate time from money

Why do you want to do that?

  • I want to spend more time with my family

Why do you want to do that?

  • So that I’m a better parent/spouse

Why do you want to be that?

  • So that I can do more for them

Why is that?

  • So that they don’t leave me alone when I’m older


If you ask “why” enough you will always end up at one or more of these human needs. 

Once you know your customers enough this is something you can do on your own.

That’s your desire.

The way I use this to our advantage is by placing myself in the customer’s shoes and examining the “what ifs” going through their brain at all times and how we can use this to sell the course

Let’s say they’re unhappy with their current job.

They might be considering…

  • What if went to this conference? All I need is to meet the right people.
  • What if I look on Twitter today, maybe I’ll get some life changing advice?
  • What if I search for Ideas on youtube?
  • What if I order these books?
  • What if I revampt my resume?


Now our job is to plant and idea of a better and simpler alternative

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