61 – How to attract students who can afford your course

The words you use matter

I’ve tested this

You attract the type of people that speak in the same way you do (or write your copy)

Quick story

When I sponsored a conference I was invited to the speakers dinner. Lot of highly successful people around. One of them was a lady that has sold millions worth of courses, has licensing deals with multiple corporation etc..

She asks me the following: “I’m starting to have impostor syndrome. So many people have came up to me today and told me I’ve got lucky because of a, b or c. What are your thoughts on this?”

This is typical.

Broke people tend to give luck a lot of weight. “Maybe I’ll get that lucky” or “just need to be in the right place at the right time” etc..

Rich people tend to say they earned it even if tons of luck was involved. 

There’s no right or wrong here. Not when it comes to selling. Only pointing out the difference.

Now here’s where it gets fun. If you want to attract a rich kid who built a business thanks to a loan from a family member..

You’d want to say: This is for a self-made man who earned their way to the top of their field through smarts and hard work.

Yup, I know… lol but it will ge the job done.

Let’s continue

Successful people have four easy buttons we can push. These are the motives behind why they are interested in purchasing education or achieving goals.

  • Money (fight and politic for the next raise)
  • Power (will sacraficie a promotion)
  • Status (love awards, big titles and the corner office)
  • Popularity (burning need to be liked and/or admired by others)

For the highest achievers winning is not enough. They have to make sure the other guy/girl finishes behind them. 

This starts all the way at the top of the funnel

Think social posts

Here’s an example

  1. How to scale and systemize your business past 6 figures
  2. How to scale and systemize your business past 8-figures and exit for a 6x multiple 

One attracts a whale 

The other a cookiecutter shark (its a real thing, look it up)

You decide

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