51 – How to 10x your chances of a successful course launch

After having the 100th person approach me with a course idea that makes no sense I’ve thought its time to write this

This time it was a course with zero outcome

“I’m going to teach you on how to start this thing… by giving you a free lead magnet giving the course away and then asking you to purchase more of the same.”

This will fail every single time.

The focus cannot be on what you want or how you packaged the product. 

People do not buy PDFs, Videos, Audio files, Modules, Checklists or YOU (unless you’re famous)

The goals is always to paint a clear picture of what their life will become if they take the next step.

Each course sale has two parts

  1. You need to finally – maybe for the first time in their life – get them to believe in themselves. Help to subside their anxiety and fear so they can leave their old life behind and become the happy person they always new they could be. Yes. This first sale has to do with change. Allow them to meet the future version of themselves that is good at everything and wakes up each day excited rather than scared… living a new life that’s just within their grasp if only…
  2. They welcome *The Call To Adventure* and accept you as their guide or mentor. This is the second sale. Once they purchase this product, there are challenges to implement and follow through and risk that it never transforms them. Do they trust you to be there for them on this journey or will this be another time they end up disappointed. 

I tend to think of this with every course I market. Some that are low cost, technical or have external drivers do not need me to stir up any emotions.

However it helps when I do.

I’ve been to MLM conferences (as a spectator). I have seen adults at these live events hyperventilate and shake while trying to pull out their credit cards to purchase programs…  overcome with emotion of making a possibly life changing decision. 

This is how I think about the buying process. 

How you should too if you’re ever going to have a successful launch.

You need to think… is my sales mechanism (all of my smartest readers have already learned how to design one here) going to overcome the negative emotions and help activate the good ones? 

It’s a balance – fear and doubt will always be there… but the pain of staying where they are needs to be present in your copy and shown alongside of what amazing benefits their new identity brings with it

This formula of transformation is what separates average courses from ones that change the world. 

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