58 – Giving away FREE info can kill your course business

Here’s the short version:

Giving away everything for free only guarantees two things.

  1. You will attract freebie seekers & Walmart shoppers
  2. Some of these dimwits will get upset when you present your offer

This plays a big part in why you might not like selling…

It’s not that people don’t like to buy

You just haven’t taught them how to buy from you AND your marketing tactics are deceptive

Imagine if I parked a taxi outside an airport and told people that they can GET IN for free BUT in the middle of the ride told them that they have to pay $XX for you to drive them to the final destination

It’s not the ads, the lead magnet or email sequence’s fault

This is you or your marketing person/agency taking the easy way out

I get it. FREE is easier to give away. 

Here’s the thing

Opinions of people who got things for free do not matter 

It also kills growth

I’ll share this quick story before I go

Had a company contact me earlier this month. They used to make $300k in sales. The course was in a decent niche and the creator has built it up over 10 years by giving away free information every day. 

This includes blog posts, social media posts, videos and weekly LIVE streams (which was the only time he was able to make sales). 

These were also ONE time low ticket sales. 

When he didn’t show up, no money made. 

After a decade of this he decided that it is enough as a well run company with this product would have been making $3 million already so he introduced a “new recurring offer with even more value”.

Sales plummeted by over 60%. 

He confused his market. They thought he was taking away the old offer (he wasn’t). They refused to pay him monthly as he trained them that weekly livestreams (and a shitload of content) was meant to be free. The price was just a tad higher but they told him that this pricing is unacceptable… 

There you have it

So what should you do instead with your content?

  • Show competence
  • Align yourself with powerful ideas/individuals your market respects
  • Mention having same hobbies as your ideal customers
  • Sell outcomes not transformation
  • Present your method as faster and easier
  • Be different (this is what the course engine offer below is all about)
  • Pitch your offer early to get rid off the nonsense people

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