45 – Course Engine Offer

Fix THIS and your course sales will skyrocket

Before I do any marketing…

There’s ONE thing I look for in every course.

If I don’t find it we fix that first.


Without it you won’t sell much

With it you will

Let me explain

I’ve been in the online course space for almost a decade now. Marketed 270+ courses. 

Most courses that are sent to me to look over and market are already pre-built (either by educator or with help of a creation agency).

These creation agencies come and go. What has not changed in almost a decade (except for a few small tweaks) is what all of them recommend to do when it comes to creating a course offer that will sell.

There are a couple of reasons for this

  • Course creation experts come from academia or the instructional design space
  • Successful Course Creators giving advice have 100k-1million followers
  • Technician masquerade as marketers
  • 99% repeat what they’ve heard before
  • You find the topic interesting so think it will sell
  • Course platforms (with larger budgets) rank high with “how to” articles

You’ve heard all of this before:

  • Choose a topic you can talk about for 30 minutes
  • Reverse engineer what you do
  • Think of a an outcome or better yet a transformation
  • Find audience and speak to them
  • Create lead magnets and warm up buyers
  • Build out funnel

To me this is a lot of busy work that will likely result in failure. 

I’ve seen 100s of courses that barely sell anything, and some that do ok but will never go past 7 figures.

I see the same mistakes over and over again

But there’s 1 that’s the MOST important

It’s killing your marketing & sales if you’re missing it

It’s the  FOUNDATION of your sales argument

I think of it as “the course engine”…

It’s built with these 3 components:

1. Diagnosis

2. Mechanism

3. Process

Before I go into explaining each of the parts:

  • The course engine will make or break your marketing
  • You will not get past 7 figures without it
  • It’s designed to make your offer familiar (but 5% different) from your competition
  • The mechanism behind it will make SEO and copywriting a 100% easier
  • Your audience will not only be hooked but also remember your offer better

I use this to help clients:

  • Create a new blockbuster course offer
  • Add the component needed to easily scale current offer
  • Reposition current course that is not selling 

The course engine is what differentiates your course from all others out there. 

What turns your course from a simple commodity (where your only lever is pricing) to one that has the potential to scale and become a life changing event.

Since I value your time as much as I do mine.

I’ve made easy to digest (20 minutes tops) but it’s one of the most powerful steps you can take for your course.

This is the first time I’ve made this available to anyone that isn’t a client of mine. 

Get it here today

Until next week,


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