47 – February Finds (Ads, Tiny Products, AI Tools, Course sales)

Hi friend,

Here are some of my favorite things I found this month:

  1. Podcast Advertising (Biz Advice)

This company (Ahrefs) spent $51,975 (via two test) on podcast advertising. They share the entire journey and what they’ve learned. If you ever thought about running ads on a pod or host one this is a must read (from the perspective of a buyer).

  1. Tiny Products (Article)

Most of the 7-figure courses I’ve worked on (80%) all got there with a mini offer (or tiny product) that has order bumps, upsells and the whole works. I’ve been very bullish on this idea for those looking to validate. It allows you to take more shots at the goal before you attempt to build something comprehensive (flagship course) OR just makes a better (paid) lead magnet once one works. 

  1. The Course Engine (Offer)

This one is from us. After marketing 280+ courses (with 50% of those having a lot of problems selling before) I’ve identified one thing that fixes most of the issues. Think of the 80/20 rule. It’s a short guide but took almost 6 years to figure out. 

  1. AI Tools (Video)

Alex Hormozi challenged his team to find AI tools to replace themselves. Worth a watch. I believe that smart teams using AI will replace and destroy any team that doesn’t. That’s been my stance on this from the beginning. Don’t lean on these tools too heavily, instead augment your workflow with the best ones.

  1. Madlib – Shades of Blue (Music)

Madlib is one of the best producers in hip hop. Miles David’s “Kind of Blue” is noted as the #1 jazz album of all on time on almost every list I’ve seen. Madlib remixed it and I fire it up almost daily when working. 

6. All of our past newsletter issues

You can finally grab the ones you’ve missed (and you already know how good each one is).

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