42 – My Favorite Cold Outreach Setup (Updated in 2023)

Around 20% of our clients use cold outreach to sell courses. 

Works best if you are selling courses to professionals for $400+.

Our Process:

  1. Nail ideal client
    1. Who they are
    2. Where they work
    3. Years of experience
    4. Location
  2. Scrape emails 
    1. We use vetted outsourcers for this
  3. Run Campaigns
    1. Split test subject lines (want over 60% opens)
    2. Split test body (want close to 15% replies)
    3. Sales are made by course creator

We’ve updated our tool kit

  • Google domains (purchase throw away domains)
  • Cloudways (hosting which is needed for tracking)
  • Zoho (new email provider that is currently cold outreach friendly)
  • Instantly (to run email campaigns)

All work very well with each other and keeps setup work to minimum. 

Additional suggestions

  • Short subject lines work best (3-5 words) 
  • Warm up each email account for 14 days
  • 3-5 emails per domain
  • Vary headlines using spin text (as this can cause issues with email providers)
  • Whenever possible use a case study in body of copy
  • If not enough replies, adjust angle and case study (easiest wins)

Real World Results

Two of our recent clients from Q3-Q4 of 2022

Both sold $400 course

Each had around 7000 emails after scraping

Client 1: converted at 1% and made $14k total

Client 2: converted at 5% and made $70k total

They type of offer and your ability to sell matters. 

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