34 – Use my favorite behavior rule to sell more courses

The following is one of my favorite human behavior rules whenever coming up with offers or fixing course positioning.

It is also my favorite one to implement (as makes the biggest difference).

Replacement Always Outsells Improvement

Whenever we do something that causes us discomfort or does not work out well… we want our next path to solve the problem to be different.

The pendulum always swings radically in the opposite direction of what we’ve experienced.

There are different levels to this (but the rule remains constant):

(Example 1)

A person that went through a tough marriage or relationship wants the next person to be different than the last. We don’t pick the same exact type of person again.

(Example 2)

A person that is going through a tough marriage never wants more marriage counceling but instead wants romance/be swept of their feet by someone else (if girl) or just wants to have sex/fun with someone else (if guy)

Now if your course is created to fix a marriage or relationship you have a few other sub-rules to follow with the key one being… 

The new opportunity presented must be easier that what they are currently doing

  • If people hate their jobs where they’re stuck in a cubicle for 80 hours a week > they want to spend time on beach and work a few hours per week from laptop
  • Ass implants are an easier replacement to having to go to the gym and working out 12 hours a day

Let me give you one more course example

A course targeting dentists

  • When the course sold dentists on how to get more clients it was a giant failure. Might come as a surprise but dentists do not want more clients. Not only that but many see them as a necessary evil needed to pay the bills.
  • When the repositioned course taught dentists how to get out of the office, stop having to dig in people’s mouths and make passive income with self storage units so they can instead screw off and have fun. It became very successful.

So whatever the new & better opportunity is…

Your job is to just have to make them believe in it

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