2021 Will Be The Year of Persuasion

It is hard to hype things up without an audience. Since the lockdowns happened I noticed myself lose interest in watching live sports, concerts, award shows, or stand up. Most businesses struggled with their messaging. Too much of “how can I help you during these difficult times” and not enough of “here’s what I can […]

What Your Marketing Says About You

As I’m doing my social zombie scroll. This thread pops up from a group that I’m a member of: It is followed by some “outrage” (ignore that), a couple of “insights” (also not important) and that the person was now banned (of some importance for the guilty). Facebook is like a reunion. Not a street […]

How Do You Feel About Sales?

I love sales. To me, they’re a transfer of emotions and value. That’s it. The number ONE reason that I find courses do not sell is due to this exact issue… having a hang up about selling which correlates to also not having a business background (aka treating your course as a business).  Take a […]

How To Make Money in a Business

Introduction First of thank you for checking out this post. My goal was to create something easy to read that will you give immediate value.  The ideas in this post have transformed my life and my business.  After all… who wants to read unless they have to? I’ve ran businesses for over 15 years. Came […]

How to Build your own Business

Introduction I’ll keep it short and sweet. This blog post will give you very good overview of what you will need to start and succeed in your business. There are different ways of reading these types of posts but here is the best way to read this one (as it is long). Quickly skim through […]