37 – Best Way to Run a Course *Christmas Sale*

You don’t. 

Getting a course for Christmas is like getting socks for Christmas.

Even if I buy one for myself… everytime I go by the mirror I’ll resent that guy for a week. 

One of the best months of the year in the education space is January. Easy to imagine why.

People are making new plans. 

They buy courses, gym memberships, diet plans, relationship stuff etc… 

Most will never use it, but that’s on them.

There are three persuasion levers that I like to use for a New Year’s Sale. 

  • Future pacing
  • Fear of Loss
  • Regret

We are the only species that can perform mental gymnastics. 

Just read the following:

An older lady was asked about what she regrets 

“I wish I had followed my desire to get a graduate degree in my chosen field instead of givngin to my dad’s wishes and then dropping out of that program. My life would be on a different trajectory now. It would be more satisfying, fulfilling, and would have given me a greater sense of accomplishment.”


Discontent with present, she time travels to her college years when she was at a decision making crossroad, negates what really happened, substitutes an alternative path taken and hops back into time machine to describe her reconfigured future which is vastly different from her current one.

This is what you want to dial in to. 

We do this in some measure around every New Years. 

Now back to the levers:

Future pacing – describe what this person’s life looks like after they’ve taken the course, achieved outcome and are now living a better life due to having taken this action

While bringing up

Fear of Loss – The crossroads that they’re at. You can take a decision now and be on the future described same time this year or 

Regret – stay where you are at now or worst because if you would have taken this exact path last year you would have already been so much better off than you are now

That’s all

Now go sell more courses

Until next week,


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