39 – The Best Way to end the year

The Best Way to end the year

You should be enjoying the holidays right now and not working.

We have one more week left until New Years.

I always take 2-3 days to do an annual review and planning for next year. It’s the most valuable thing I do each year. 

Always brings insights and bring clarity. 

I use this document 

Make a copy and print it out… found that when writing it out by hand has a much better effect than typing it out. It’s the same with studying copy. When copying the best sales letters, you want to do it offline. 

Back in the days when I did not have a clear vision or goals there was another method I’d use before the annual review. 

It’s called Dreamlining

You can learn about it and get the template here

If you’ve never done a proper annual review/plan before. 

This is the one that started it all for me.

I highly recommend this article on Anti-fragile Planning (how to optimize life for optionality without chasing shining objects) and filling out this worksheet first. 

Either way you should read it if you haven’t.

Now get back to your enjoying your holidays.

Until next week


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