9 – May Finds (purchases, rehab, nature, socials, reading)

May Finds (purchases, rehab, nature, socials, reading)

Hi friends,

Here’s what I want to share this month:

  1. The book, “The Hawke Method” by Erik Huberman. 

Key Takeaways

It takes someone an average of 3-weeks to purchase a $50 product

It takes someone an average of 5-weeks to purchase a $100 product

It takes an average of 6-weeks to purchase a $200 product

It takes between two and three months for any type of LARGE purchase or impulse 

“Clients will say:

“We spent $10,000 today but we only made $3,000…”

Well, yes, but there’s no need to panic… because if you have a $50 product, you won’t see those returns on that $10,000 for at least 3-weeks.

Learning this concept will stop you from cutting off your nose to spite your face. It also forces you to think about your nurturing strategy.

If, on average, your customer is going to see an ad and then wait three weeks to make a purchase, what are you doing during those three weeks to ensure they actually buy?” 

  1. Bob & Brad’s Youtube Channel

Any time I tweak something working out I simply type in “brad & bob + (tweaked body part)” into youtube. Every time I get simple recovery techniques that work. These two are national treasures. 

  1. Mini-Series “The Green Planet

The techniques they used to film parts of this docu are incredible. I recommend it at highest possible resolution you an find and a big screen. 

  1. Article – “The Never-Ending Now”

Every 6 months I re-evaluate the way I create content (time allocated, where and how to distribute it for max exposure to right people). I also think about my audience and the general shifts (how each generation consumes vs how we all consume) which occur fast these days.

People on socials only consume content created within 24 hours

We live in an endless cycle of ephemeral content consumption  — blind to our place in history, engulfed in the present moment, overwhelmed by the slightest breeze of chaos. 

Read here

  1. Bionic Reading

Skim through the article on left and then on right. Gauge for retention. 

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