7 – A Course Marketing System for a True Educator (Prints Money)

A Course Marketing System for a True Educator (Prints Money)

There are a few creators out there that really love to teach and create content. 

  • If you are one of them this is for you.
  • If you are not, read it for inspiration.

A few months ago I received a message from a struggling teacher. She had close to a 100 mini courses selling on her site. It was very hard for her to gain traction. 

  • Students were confused on what to buy
  • The pricing was similar to Udemy without their marketing muscle
  • Not enough profit to allow for PPC or outsourcing SEO
  • 5% creation effort and 5% of time spent marketing (didn’t know what to market)

Here’s how we fixed it.

1. Created a flagship product

We ran each of the courses through the following criteria

– Is there a clear outcome (what the students achieve)

– Is there FOMO (why should they buy now)

– Is there differentiation (why should people buy this over competition)

– Why listen to me (am I one of the best on the market delivering this content)

– Does this make a good starting point for the other courses

2. Create Recurring Revenue

We removed the other courses from the site and added a one-click monthly-subcription upsell.

6 month and 12 month options.

The subscription would deliver one mini course per month. With her current stock this gave her over 90 months of content (plus she kept wanting to create more).

We called it the Ultimate (insert niche) Stack

Month 1 – Course 1

Month 2 – Course 2

Month 3 – Course 3


Added FOMO

*Prices go up every 6 months

** If you subscribe during month 7 (you do not get access to previous courses)

*** Access to her live monthly Q&As

3. The 2nd Upsell

Allow access to the archive for one price. 

If you sign up during month 8 (get access to all 8 courses immediately). 

If you cancel during month 10 (you get to keep those 10 courses forever).

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