59 – 4 ways to increase cohort & high-ticket course sales

I’ve written a lot about how to sell more of low ticket or mid ticket products in the past newsletters.

The one demographic which I haven’t spoken about as much is the people selling $10k or $20k+ courses…

These are tougher as they require a good marketing AND sales process (while I mostly focus on teaching marketing) 

If your course is sold for less only a few things will apply but I recommend skimming through it anyways as these are ways for you to re-think your offer an up its value.

The only way a high ticket course works is if it delivers consistent and high level results

I tend to go with a 10x multiple

Sell course for $10k = add $100k to bottom line of student 

*There’s no room for “the introduction to finance” or “how to feel happier” type topics at these price levels. 

Also the second you decide that anyone with a heart beat is good (within niche/demographic) then you automatically devalue an offer

**Following principles also apply to anyone selling cohorts or live coaching

There are 4 things that need to be mentioned in your marketing and during sales process to increase your conversions

  1. That you are picky about who you let inside
    1. The types of people you will allow
    2. They types of people you will not

This is different than a who it’s for & who it’s not for section. You are teling people who already passed the “who it’s for” in their minds the real qualifiers for this group.

  1. Promise not only a certificate but an endorsement

Your name or brand is valuable. All of the things I’m writing about today are to increase that value. I had a VC client of mine promise 3 introduction to other investors he knows upon graduation. 

  1. Show data NOT testimonials

Most testimonials are garbage. Unless you tell your students what sort of testimonials you expect then I’d say all are that. Not tell them what to write… just what format to use. What works even better is data. You keep in touch with your graduates and can show results received 30-90-180 days after course completion. Nothing comes without work and practice. Those courses are scam.

  1. Add in that you fail people

I know. Unheard of in the course space but if everyone can graduate… can’t be that good of a school. This is probably the strongest selling point out of all 4 mentioned. 

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