4 – Current FB Ads & Cold Outreach Issues (fixes inside)

FB Ads Issues

On the evening of April 12th FB decided to turn off ads at random. If you’re not getting leads or they have slowed down to a crawl you were hit. 

Zero errors or rejections. Money being spent without any impressions. 

Two ways to fix:

1. Check your audiences. Targeting options have been disabled, changed so might need to update those first. (Found this to be the most common issue)

2. If all looks fine in audiences then pause and restart the ad group. (Two clients were hit by this bug and it fixed it)

Cold outreach open rates plummeted by 50%

Google decided to hit the brakes on all of the cold emails going out. For the past 2 weeks  the lead generation companies have been in for a world of hurt. 

The consensus?

Google’s algo update started picking up open tracking links. If you’re using those in your cold outreach… stop. I found them to be semi reliable as is. 

Here’s my action plan forward:

1. Purchase any domains you’re going to use for could outreach via Google domains. Add it to your Google workspace account and following DMARC to your DNS records:

“v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; rua=mailto:name@domain.com” 

2. Lower email volume. If you’re sending out 60 per day. Do 30. You can always purchase additional similar domains and scale that with less worry. 

3. Keep warming up email accounts during outreach. I’d keep this to 60-70% of what you’re sending daily.

4. Change up copy. This depends on the software you’re using

– split test body text

– use spintaxt / article spinner

– use quicklines

5. Use glockapps.com

This tool shows where your emails are landing in different inboxes. 


In the next few weeks I’ll show you the lean seo strategy we’re using this year for our agency and how I’ve easily grown my influence (which makes networking / getting leads & sales easy)

Both apply to selling courses

Until next time



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