29 – Most Common Course Sales Funnel Mistakes

I see these issues so often when going over client sites that I thought I’d share them with you.

Let’s begin:

Selling in ads – Their only role is to get a click over to opt-in page or sales page.

Not justifying a discount -Fairness is a trait we’re all born with so if you don’t explain why you’re offering such a good price it’s a red flag.

Nonsense pricing – If you’re selling “how to learn x in 30 days” why is there an annual pricing option? 

Bait-and-switch – You’re offering A but trying to give me B. For example: If the headline says “You will learn hot to get a coding job” then don’t offer me a lead magnet about “html basics” underneath. 

Lack of Urgency – Not including a reason for why someone should buy the course now. You’re not filming a sitcom that someone will come back to watch tomorrow. Attempt to close now while they’re still interested.

Sloppy FAQ – You sales page is your sales person. The FAQ should address every concern or doubt going through the prospect’s head. Don’t know it? Ask or better yet get a few of them on the phone and sell in person. 

Pretty Designs – Instead of focusing on conversions and usability, your pages look pretty. If your sales buttons nicely blend in with the rest of the page (instead of popping out) I’m talking to you. 

Search Intent Blunders – 99% of the time when I hear Adwords doesn’t work this is the issue. Here’s the quick way to understand this.

If you’re selling “how to market your business and get the 1st client in 30 days”

The keywords need to be transactional. 

You either directly fulfill one such as:

“Best business marketing course”


You present yourself as the best alternative

“Where to hire a business marketing coach”


Trying to switch intent with your page

“How to market your business”

“Business marketing”

Do you know who’s most likely searching these terms? Students or content writers that need ideas for their article. 

Since I want these newsletters to be a quick read I’ll stop here. 

These are all easy fixes that if addressed will improve your conversions. 

Until next week,


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