28 – Educate Less to Sell More Courses

Know the phrase “focus on the things that don’t change?” 

You do now

Clarity and keeping things simple is the fastest way to convert prospects into buyers. As an educator I know that you love teaching. That’s fine but keep most of it for your course. 

I’ve previously wrote about the wrong lead magnets. Ones that give too much to do OR give away the course.

Here I want to focus on the overall sales message in your funnel.

For example:

If you’re selling a course around NFTs (which I hope you are not)…

The more you talk about marketplaces, different types you can buy and how they’re valued… you are causing problems for 90% of the audience that does not understand these concepts by introducing them too fast. 

You can mention them in the “lesson plan” or “vsl” to present you as an expert but its not something you dwell on.


Now instead of the prospect moving on they might have opened up a new tab to search for NFT marketplaces. 

There are ONLY three things that we all were born with and understand. 

  1. Fear – (Fear of missing out, scary headlines in media, anxiety causing etc…)
  2. Reward – (The carrot)
  3. Fairness – (We all want to get a good deal and not be ripped off)

No one needs to teach you these. 

So use them.

As an addition you can read a previous article about “how to attract the right audience” and tailor your messaging even further. 

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