20 – Buyers want to look successful more than be successful

This my friend is why “scam offers” work so well.

“You’re only one magic bullet away from achieving all of your dream without doing any extra work”

People don’t want to do the thing.

They simply want what doing it will get them.

How to use this to your advantage?

Always mention a shortcut. 

You’re not changing your offer to become a scam. You are adding this persuasive method to your already solid offer. 

The four that work for any niche are:

-> It’ll save you time
-> It’ll save you money
-> It’ll save you effort/energy
-> It’ll reduce your risk

For best results also mention…

– how long it took you to figure this out 
– what it would cost or how long it would take if they continue on the current path 
– time/money investment if they decide to do it themselves without your help 
– cost if they pick the “wrong” solution

The more you can tie this to your own experience or what you’ve seen other clients/students go through the more powerful it gets.

And here’s the one thing almost everyone misses which throws this entire technique down the drain.

Always, always, always… play to their ego before you use it.

“I know you can do this yourself…“

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