2 – March Finds (biz,music,art,tv,podcast)

March Finds (biz,music,art,tv,podcast)

Hi friends,

Here’s what I want to share this month:

  1. My favorite podcast episode this month. A realistic approach to business and life. Hormozi has been making a ton of buzz lately on socials and for a good reason. Sent this to a couple of biz friends and all found it valuable. Listen here
  1. I’ve done some of my best work this month listening to this track. Native American hip hop instrumental. 
  1. I change my desktop image weekly. Can’t stop looking at this.
  1. First tv show I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Good story, lots of action. Others seem to agree. It’s the #1 streamed show in Q1. Watch it there.
  1. Favorite Quote

Peter Thiel: “As an investor, you want to find things that are so stupid that other investors are embarrassed to invest in them.”

Investing isn’t the only field where people avoid simplicity. Smart people love to over-complicate things so they can feel like they’re working hard. And if they fail, at least they can say to themselves: “I tried something though and it just didn’t work.” But the world rewards you for outcomes, not effort. When you insist on working hard, even when it’s not the most effective strategy, you miss obvious solutions that are right in front of your eyes.

Whenever you’re trying to solve a business problem, ask yourself: “What am I missing because it feels too stupid?”

Until next time



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