19 – How to Interrupt the Scrolling Zombies (and sell more)

How to Interrupt the Scrolling Zombies (and sell more)

Everyone talks about how it is key to get into the mind of your prospect but none of them show you how.

I will.

Here’s one way.

Take a look at this audience I’ve created in FB.

Now look at how I’d start my ad:

Interested in starting an online business?

Follow Russell Brunson but dislike Elon Musk?

Want more for your family?

I get it… (and now is when we pitch)

Am I reaching a bit? Sure. 

Will it work on everyone? Probably not.

but when it hits… 

it’s a home run

Some assumptions are to be made. If someone does not show interest in Elon Musk (for example) it doesn’t mean they don’t like him but there’s a higher probability they do not. 

I’d love Tai Lopes to be an interest as it would make an exclusion or interest much easier for this niche. Recently I tested a low-cost product targeting the IQ-challenged population and Tai’s funnel/messaging is beyond what I even hoped. Yeah. That good.

The only constant is the first line. You need to present the problem/situation/solution they’re searching for that directly ties into your course. Then you play around with the sub-interests to find out what engages this audience most. 

  • Utilize both narrowing and exclusions
  • Consider job types, locations, income levels, interests, relationship status, employment etc…
  • If there are polarizing interests in your niche (use them)

Have fun with it and test, test, test..

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