18 – The #1 Reason Course Launches are a Bad Idea

The #1 Reason Course Launches are a Bad Idea

Here’s the reason: Long feedback Loop

I’ve just spoken to a course creator who was in the middle of a course launch. Here was the strategy in a nutshell:

1. Collect leads

2. Drip out content for weeks

3. Hope they still care and then sell them

Marketing is all about running tests. 

  • You want to test your 
  • Audiences
  • Positioning
  • Headlines
  • Lead magnets
  • Sales page
  • Etc..

I don’t know about you but I like this to get done in months and not years. 

Let’s say you’re running an 4 launches per year (= 4 funnel tests) and takes you 20+ funnel iterations to dial it in (that’s me being extremely optimistic)

How long will that take you?

Answer: too long

There’s nothing wrong with running a course or a cohort 4 times a year (except that it’s tough to scale and requires a large team) but your marketing has to allow for fast testing. 

You will encounter four types of prospects

Group 1 – Very interested (sell them fast)

Group 2 –  Don’t trust you or timing is off (sign them up and have some sort of long running email sequence where they can sign up down the line – maybe a year from now).

Group 3 – Tire kickers (you want them gone)

Group 4 – People who sign up and don’t know why they’re getting emails (not much you can do with these)

So what to do?

When dialing in the course funnel you focus on group #1

When the course funnel is dialed in and you want to maximize conversions you focus on group #2

Skip the long dripped out content with group #1. Save that for Group #2

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