15 – How to attract the Right People to your course

How to attract the right people to your course

Attracting the wrong people to your course?

What I’m about to go over is very important and barely hear it mentioned alongside the so-called-common advice around audience attraction.

Yet it creates one of the biggest problems for any course creator. 

It has a direct impact on your sales and the quality of students you interact with.

How you write and speak is who you attract

Do you have these type of words/statements in your copy?

Easy, Free, Cheap, Affordable, simple, quick, no experience necessary, beginner, newbie, make money, effortless…

These are a magnet for broke people and freebie seekers 

  • Ser, can i have discount
  • Let me think about it
  • Have to ask my better half
  • I’m ok doing what i’m doing already
  • Why should i trust you
  • etc..

Whenever I’m designing or editing a sales funnel I focus 1/3rd of my effort on repelling them. 

The 3 run-throughs done

1. Smoothness – I read it out loud, does it sound how someone talks, is the formatting visually appealing? Does it sound clunky?

2. Persuasiveness – transitions, value presented, offer descriptions, outcomes… does it make me want to buy?

3. Red flag searching – words, statements, decreasing of frame, “I instead of you” etc..

The third one is what 90% of people miss

There’s a book that can help.

“Words that Sell” by Richard Bayan

It’ll help you replace what you don’t want

With what you want

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