13 – 5 outstanding lead magnets in generic niches

Last week we went over with makes up a great lead magnet. 

Quick refresher:

Every lead magnet should consist of an “aha” or a “damn that’s powerful” moment AND during validation it should be something that can be done or digested in less than 5 minutes. 

Best ones create a physical, emotional or mental response from them. 

That makes them memorable.

Positions you as an expert.

Here are 5 examples from generic niches

Niche: Memory Course

Lead Magnet: Teaches technique memory champs use

Overview of Technique: 

Imagine walking around a familiar house and as you move from room to room you drop objects that remind you of the name/word you want to remember. 

Not only does it leave an impression but it’s one of those simple things that you are unlikely to find without a deep dive.

Try and Google the phrase “how to remember things

The “Roman Room Technique” is not in the top 10. 

Have to know it first. 

Niche: Productivity

Lead Magnet: teaches you how to re-focus fast

Overview of Technique:

Self hypnosis. When distracted and need to focus. Close your eyes. Think of a place you know very well. Visualize walking through it for 2-3 minutes. Done. 

Unless the person has studied hypnosis will not know it. Creates a very fast and memorable win.

Niche: Meditation

Lead Magnet: teaches you how to change your memories. 

I won’t expand on this one but it is also easy, can be done fast with guidance and leaves a very positive and strong memory which you can then associate with meditation. They will want more. 

Niche: How to play a Piano

Lead Magnet: Teach a hook of a popular song

You’re looking for a very easy, fast and relevant win. They can already picture how where they will use this and how it will make them feel.

Niche: Any wind instrument

Lead Magnet: Teaches how to breathe and hold one note. 

If you’ve ever tried playing these. Without training. On first try, and the larger ones you won’t make anything that resembles music. 


When possible and this is why it’s helpful to build a swipe file (old copywriting and ads that were proven to sell) I would combine the technique with one of them.

For example:

Anything that the person can show off I like to combine with a variation of this old ad headline. 

To finish of the lead magnet topic next week I will show you

– 2 lead magnets (and their variations) that drive a 7 figure business 

Until next week,


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