12 – The road to a perfect course lead magnet (and 7 figures)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions around lead magnets.

What’s a good one? 

What’s a bad one? 

What will work with my audience?

Awful ones can be seen everywhere. 

What you’re about to learn in this and the next two newsletters is what others would charge money for and still not make it this clear. 

Let’s begin.

There are two phases in a course business

  1. Validation
  2. Scaling

Each requires a different technique. 

Not a different lead magnet. 

I said technique.

When you’re validating your goal is to find (A) which lead magnet will work best & (B) a way to sell your course as fast as possible. 

Every lead magnet should consist of an “aha” or a “damn that’s powerful” moment AND during validation it should be something that can be done or digested in less than 5 minutes. 

If you’re able to get a physical, emotional or mental response from it. 

That is a winner. 

If it hits two or three of the above… take a look around, smell the air and remember this moment. It’s the day you stopped being poor.  

No lead magnets should ever consist of material that can be googled for free and present  (definitions, intro to _____, lists, tips, tricks) or any other basic garbage that adds zero value.

The prospect should get through fast and associate you as the expert for showing it and want more of what you can offer.

This is why during validation you do not give people:

  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Challenges

All this does is give people something to do before they’re ready to buy. So your email sequence of follow up sales process hits a wall.

  1. Start with 3-5. 
  2. Dial them in (test headlines, sub-headlines, image, body copy etc..)

This is enough to get to 5 figures. 1-2 lead magnets and 1 channel.

Now when you’re scaling and already have one or two lead magnets that fuel 80% of your business your job is to…

  • Give each one their own name. 
  • Trademark it. 
  • Repackage each one in multiple ways.
  • Make it your signature move. 
  • Focus on reach

It’s how you get to 7 figures with it. 

In the next two parts I will show you

– 5 examples of perfect lead magnets in generic niches

– 2 lead magnets (and their variations) that drive a 7 figure business 

Until next week,


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