11 – How we increased course sales page conversions by 400%+ in 2 steps


When this client approached me, he was used to selling this in-person at events and created a sales page which made no sales. 

The course was priced at $5k and had a $75K upsell (2% of the people took the upsell).

There was no real sales methodology of funnel. The first thing we wanted to fix was the sales page and process. Since nobody would come off an ad and purchase a course this expensive outright we worked on a sales script and changed the buy button to a book a call button. 

Next I built a few audiences and ran some ads. Calls started trickling in but only a handful per day. 

This is what we did next:

1. We moved the sales page off Thinkific to wordpress.

There are a lot of reasons why I do not like having opt-in pages and sales pages on any of the course platforms. 

  • Too many distractions (can’t remove links from header/footer)
  • Weak design capabilities (all look same, buttons don’t pop, unnecessary elements)
  • Speed (I’ve written about this in a previous newsletter)
  • Outages (When a platform has a hiccup during your marketing campaign)
  • Control (This one is huge. Own your sales funnel)

2. We split the sales page into two.

Originally the page was (long-form) and took people to book a call to purchase a high ticket course. I wanted to see what would happen if we used human behavior to our advantage. 

  • Small buy-in on the users part by having them take an action and click over to next page
  • Exclusivity. On the 2nd page we created a guideline of the only types of people we want to work with and had them apply to book the call instead of simply booking a call

You can see the results for each of the steps below. 

Each of these is a booked call.

We booked over 500 calls in over the next 45 days and had the client tell me to pause as they weren’t able to handle the volume. 

Good times

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