1 – Is Your Course Length Killing Sales

Is Your Course Length Killing Sales? (Answered)

If you read the email I sent out a few months ago on course pricing then you already break down buyers into two personas.

If you haven’t, here’s the recap. 

There are two types of buyers

  • Walmart Shoppers

Value bundles/deals/offers/discounts.

  • Nordstrom Shoppers

Value quality/experiences/status symbols.

What does this have to do with course length?

This week I’ve been going over a sales funnel directed at professionals. One red flag kept popping up all over the place (sales messaging/ads/pages & emails). The course sold for $400 but messaging was directed at the Walmart shoppers. 

The cutoff between the two segments is $150-250. This depends on a lot of factors but remembering those numbers makes it easy.

Messaging I encountered: 

  • 🚩 We have over 6+ hours of content. 
  • 🚩 Packed with tips & techniques.
  • 🚩 New content is added constantly.

Walmart shoppers love this type of stuff. It’s the way of Udemy. Give them a 10 course bundle with 150 hours of content for $50 and you’re gold. 

Professionals not so much. They value their time.

Messaging After adjustment:

  • ✔️ Proven system that is fast to implement.
  • ✔️ Takes less than 6 hours to master.
  • ✔️ Can train your assistant. 

Rule to Remember

The more expensive your course > the less time it should take to master outcome

*If you are a celebrity or have a huge audience then you can put out a course of any length for any price. Different rules apply. 

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