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New York Pay Per Click Campaign

This firm has a reputation for being the best and has 100s of 5 star reviews and enough prestigious awards to wallpaper an office. The only type of marketing that they haven’t attempted was PPC and this is when our team was contacted. They wanted to get more of a certain type of clientele and we felt that the paid advertising route would work best. We could pin point the exact keywords that these clients would be searching for. Avoiding the more mainstream phrases would also allow for us to bring the cost down and increase the ROI fast.

Our strategy was to only pick buyer keywords and not go after anything else even if it looked good if it didn’t fit pre-created criteria. Being able to distinguish phrases that will result in a buy from the ones that are only clicked on for more information is the fastest route to success.

We went into the testing phase immediately.

Our PPC campaigns are optimized for strong conversions; in this case the conversion rate after the first month increased by 27.8%, which translated into a 52.9% increase in revenue.

Google’s Adwords Express makes jumping into pay per click advertising a breeze but allows for zero optimization. This results in expensive and bloated campaigning. This case study shows the difference that the professionals at Libelty can make.

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