Imagine that you could move your business into a better location without the hassle of actually moving.

If you do not have an SEO Strategy then your site will stagnate and never reach its ranking potential.


A.) Your site speed is testing your visitor’s patience

That is not a game you are ever going to win. If someone clicks on your site and it does not load right away that person will bounce. Speed is one of the most important conversion factors.

The more elements on a page that need to load, the longer your users must wait. And you better not make them wait longer than 3 seconds.

Every 100 ms of page load time led to a one percent decrease in sales.

B.) Google can’t understand your content

The implementation of schema helps search engines understand your web pages much better, and create a more organized content database that helps keep track of your web pages, which helps improve user engagement.

C.) Site & content are not optimized

Search engine optimized content is one of the most important elements of SEO. It plays a vital role in determining who finds your website and what information they take away once they have landed there.

If you or your team creates content for your sites then you will never fully benefit from that hard work if every page you publish is not optimized.

That means the silo of your site needs to make sense. Your page needs the right titles, image tags, keywords & anchor text. The pages need to inter-link so that the most link juice props up the most important and searched for pages on your site.

It’s not just about the main keywords either; it’s also important to include terms related to the main terms people are searching for. These are called LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. They provide a kind of online word association to help Google know which results to show.

D.) It is built on an unstable foundation

Web designers are great at designing stuff. I’ve worked with many and have presented at numerous web agencies. This is what I’ve learned. They do not understand how to build a proper site. Most lack the most basic technical knowledge and although the websites look beautiful… their performance is below average.

This used to be ok when the online space did not have much competition. Now you are fighting with other very motivated site owners for traffic that is proven to convert. Do not let the visuals of your site distract you from it’s performance.

You need both.

E.) Mobile experience

The number of mobile searches is exploding. In fact, 58% of all searches in Google are now done from a mobile device.

To satisfy this need, Google has overhauled their entire algorithm to focus on mobile search. This was done via the Mobile-Friendly Update (which many called “Mobilegeddon”)

This update penalises sites that are not mobile-friendly (for searches performed on smartphones.)

Google’s entire algorithm is now “mobile-first”.

F.) You disregard your competition

Don’t you miss the days of the yellow pages… when all it took was one action per year to have the customers knocking on your doors every day.

These days if you’re not pro-active you will lose business. Your competition is spending money on content, seo, google places etc… and it is why they outrank you.

Forecast says SEO-related spending will be worth $80 billion by 2020


This is straight from Google’s blog:

“… we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. For now, it’s only a very lightweight signal — affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content — while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS. But over time, we may decide to strengthen it …”

H.) You are breaking the rules

It could be that your content is over-optimized, the site has performance issues and delivers poor user performance, are missing key pages…etc

It’s widely believed that Google has 200+ ranking factors. This is sort of true. The caveat is that some factors automatically trigger others. There are no more than 20 factors that are super important and most are covered under this plan.

The only major one remaining is quality backlinks from other web sites but that is a completely different type of SEO.

I.) You are missing key content

This is very common. You’re a lawyer who wants to rank for “personal injury claims” or an influencer who wants to rank for “social media expert” but do not have the content to back it up.

Let’s say you do have it on the site but Google can’t understand it and users have a bad experience when they visit. Not good. We can fix that.

Thanks! I saw the results in my own SEO software and was very impressed with so much progress in a short time. Great job!!

Catrina CookOwner
Owner @ Get Cultured, LLC

Many businesses that I talk to want seo help and need seo help but they are sick and tired of the SEO industry.

I am too.

This is why I have designed this package.

It is based on my last 8 years of experience running a successful seo business. It is based on the Pareto principle… the 80/20 rule.. the biggest bang you will get for your buck.

If you:

  • Don’t want monthly payments
  • Want a one time fee
  • Want a guarantee
  • Want to see results
  • Want to see testimonials
  • Want continual support

Then this is the plan for you.

This is the plan that every one of my clients receives initially. Whether they want ongoing seo help or not. It is so powerful that for most businesses it is the only package that they need.


How Two Attorneys Achieved Absolute Domination in Their Niche

How an Influencer Regained Control Over Her Website Traffic

The SEO That Keeps on Giving. The Seven Year Journey with an MMA Gym

The people who want to purchase should:

  • Have a wordpress site
  • Want greater visibility in Google
  • Have at least a 1000 monthly visitors to your site… can be from social media
  • Have a product or service that they sell through a website. For influencers that could be a book,
  • online course, speaking gig… etc..

You should NOT purchase if:

  • You are an influencer who doesn’t have at least 50 pieces of content on your site
  • You are a local small business that does not have a physical address
  • You are an ecommerce business without a physical address… and did not contact me first
  • You have a Google penalty… because you have tried some black hat seo tactics
  • You are in debt and do not have a budget dedicated to this type of project

In 2 months, my monthly earnings are up almost 2k since starting to use them.

James Dreesen
Marketing Consultant @ Media Surge, LLC


Your rankings will move up within 6-8 weeks. The fastest we’ve seen was 1 week but that is not the norm. You should expect to get more visibility in Google see better engagement with your audience.

I’m not playing. Check our 100% money back guarantee at the bottom of this page.

If you are looking for immediate results (like tomorrow)… pay per click traffic such as FB Ads, Adwords etc… might suit you better.


“a moment in time when your website has become so advanced that your business undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.”

Here’s what you get when your order:

Technical SEO

  • Speed Fix
  • Optimize Images
  • Limit Redirects
  • Leverage Browser Cache
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Duplicate Content

On-Page SEO

  • Site Architecture
  • Https
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Internal links – Silo Content
  • Schema (Structured Data Content)
  • Inner Linking
  • Image Tags
  • Keywords
  • Optimize Content (Top 5 pages)

Bonuses Included with SEO Singularity Plan:

If you are a small business or have a physical location: Citations upgrade
If you are an influencer, speaker, author: Social boost

*This service works best for Influencers and Local Small Business owners.

**You must have your own WordPress site. Platforms such as Click Funnels, Shopify, Joomla etc.. do not give enough control of us to make the improvements that are necessary.

How to order:

  • Click the “Get Started Now” Button & Complete Checkout
  • Once the Checkout is Complete you provide your website details
  • From there, one of our team will be in touch within 24 hours

One-Time Fee – $1,500 USD


  • This service will show an improvement in the rankings a 100% of the time. It takes 6-8 weeks. If it doesn’t message us and you will get your money back.
  • There is zero risk in getting a Google penalty

I enjoy working with Tom’s team. They take care of our clients well, respond timely, give accurate expectations and most importantly deliver on them. Highly Recommend!

Jason Long
CEO @ JH Media Group


It will take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks. Google is quite random with their algorithm updates and adjustments.

I do. Either way you will have to get the singularity seo plan first. Once you see the results and you will see them… that’s when we can talk about a new plan moving forward. All my plans have an end date. At the end we look at what make sense, create a new strategy and decide whether it makes sense to keep going. There are limits in what can be done.

You get a refund. It means we did a bad job.

Yes. Here’s a link to the page with all of the case studies:


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