How This Keynote Speaker Made His Website Work For Him and Increased His Traffic & Conversions in Less Than a Month

Hey, I am John Lawson – A Keynote Speaker … ecommerce expert, best selling author and business owner of Predictable Commerce. I worked with Tom Libelt from Smart Brand Marketing in order to increase the visibility of my site and have it finally work for me. We used his SEO Singularity Plan. What I liked about it is that it guarantees results and is a one time fee unlike every other SEO provider out there. Within weeks I noticed more traffic, better user engagement and a functioning website marketing funnel for getting leads thru the site. Tom also helped me create a logical customer journey on the site so now everyone goes into the exact place where I want them so I can help them. He also came up with some other tricks and ideas on how to get even more traction at no extra cost. I definitely recommend Tom and his service.

The Starting Point

When John signed up for his service he just had a team of web developers finish re-designing his site.

Unfortunately they did not do a great job and the site had some major issues.

This was the Home Page that went live:

Content did not match the Titles:

Speed and Coding Issues

Poor Usability (Engagement and Bounce Rate)

The Work

We got on the phone we figured out what the role of the website is and the products and services it’s supposed to sell.

Then we worked our way backwards to fill the gap.

Our team started working on re-building the entire foundation of the site.

Some of the work involved:

  • Fixing the speed (site,server)
  • Adding CDN
  • Fixing code (java-script, html, plug ins etc)
  • Re-creating the silo
  • Correcting content
  • Re-design of Home Page with customer usability in mind
  • Inserting Schema (this is how Google knows what each page is about)
  • Inner-linking
  • Image descriptions and tags
  • Improve Keyword Usage
  • And some bonus secret sauce which further improves results

The Results

We have measured the results after exactly 4 weeks. Some have increased since then but this is to show how fast this service works.

We do not use any backlinks and therefore this service meets the terms and conditions set by Google.

Home Page (using the ask method)

Placed Lead Gen at The Front (hidden before)

Speed Improvement

Almost 3 seconds cut from the loading time.

Traffic, Engagement and Bounce Rate ALL IMPROVED

  • The bounce rate is down by 29%+
  • Traffic up 350%+
  • Session duration increased by 2m30s

These are all factors that Google looks at as it is ranking sites. You will not get in a higher spot if the competition is doing a better job serving content to its users.

Overall Flow of Traffic

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