How an Influencer Regained Control Over Her Website Traffic

Tina’s in the gothic cosmetics space.

Her company has a very large following and is considered an influencer in that space.

Those are some impressive stats.

The problem is that FB owns Instagram and they are starting to cut down on the organic reach.

Being at the mercy of anyone sucks. It was time to change that.

This site was a much larger challenge than what we usually work with. It was built on the Shopify platform and they are known to be horrible when it comes to SEO optimization.

The Seo Singularity Plan to the rescue…

Initial rankings

I admit that I was a bit concerned. Not one keyword ranked anywhere in the top 100.

Month 1

Some very nice movement.

Month 2

One of the keywords hit the top #4-6 positions and many others were creeping close to the top 10.

Keep in mind that no other SEO work was done and the site has virtually zero content.

This is Tina’s evaluation of our service:

We are currently working on an ongoing SEO plan.

To be continued…

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