Atlanta Peach Movers

The Peach movers trucks can be seen virtually everywhere in the Atlanta area. The brand is an official mover for the city’s basketball team, museum & numerous other prominent organizations. This made us very excited to work with them and see if there were any ways that we could bring any more success to their marketing efforts.
Our first mission was to figure out the problems with the Google Places listings. The algorithm kept on creating duplicates and making some of the well earned reviews disappear. Our next mission was to help them with the search.
The website had tremendous speed issues which had to be corrected with care as any downtime was unacceptable. It was also patched throughout the years by numerous web designers and SEO firms that made cleaning up the code very difficult but necessary.
It is always difficult picking up a campaign after another SEO company. The Peach Movers team wasn’t really sure what was done in the past so our Atlanta team ran multiple backlink profile analysis to learn where to best utilize our efforts.
Our marketing campaign has pushed the top 10 keyword phrases that were targeted back into the #1 position!
Have you have experienced a fall in the rankings?
We have the expertise to help you get your momentum back on track.

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