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Contents 1 Introduction 2 The Business You are in 3 Know Thy Industry 4 Crystal Ball 5 Know Your Worth 6 The Danger Zone 7 Do You Work In Your Pajamas? 8 Sales Funnels are Sexy… but What Are They? 9 Build it and they will come 10 The Art of The Follow up 11 […]

Favorite Articles

Although I don’t read very many articles (I enjoy books more) there are some that I bookmark and go back to often. This page shares some of my favorite articles throughout the years, organized into (very) loose categories. Productivity How I Read Every Productivity Thought I’ve Ever Had You Never Have Time, Only Intentions Rationality […]

Favorite Books

Here are some of my favorite books with ★★★★ ratings. Scroll down through the annual lists. If a book is on this list, you can safely assume it will serve you well. Anything below a 9 doesn’t make it. You can check my full reading list here. 2019 10/10★ The Order of Time The Accidental […]