42 – My Favorite Cold Outreach Setup (Updated in 2023)

Around 20% of our clients use cold outreach to sell courses.  Works best if you are selling courses to professionals for $400+. Our Process: Nail ideal client Who they are Where they work Years of experience Location Scrape emails  We use vetted outsourcers for this Run Campaigns Split test subject lines (want over 60% opens) […]

41 – How to use the power of regret to sell more courses

How often do you look back on your life and wish you had done things differently? Regret is a powerful tool In order to understand it we must enter the time machine.  First we decide that our current circumstance sucks and is making us unhappy Next we travel to the past to a point in […]

33 – Why Mini Courses are making a comeback

Here’s what I’ve noticed from my work with private investment groups that have purchased courses (making 7 figures).  Mini offers are making a come back. These are typically in the $27-97 range. Clear outcome. Great copy. All based off paid ads (ex: if I put in $1 I know I’m getting $1.25 back). Why is […]

What is a lead magnet in marketing?

A lead magnet is a term in marketing that is used to describe a free service or item that is given to a customer to collect their contact details. When it comes to the use of lead magnets in marketing, any gift or reward can be used. Common examples of lead magnets are: Trial subscriptions […]

23 – Easy way to increase course revenue without raising price

How to increase course revenue without raising price One of my clients makes on average $400 for a course that is priced at a $100. How is that possible? Affiliate offers I would not advise you to start an affiliate business but if (1) you already have the traffic & (2) an offer that you […]

22 – August Finds (AI images, viral, time, leverage, marketplace)

MicroAcquire (Buy and sell micro businesses) This is an amazing place to buy a small online business that has passed validation. You want something with a minimum of 25-30 customers. What sticks out here is that (A) they include micro listing – $5-10k and (B) are starting to have some from the education space. Linkedin […]