SBM 058 : Dreams, Inaction & Entrepreneur Depression with Idahosa Ness

Today’s Guest Idahossa Ness  joins the 58th session of Smart Brand Marketing. I’ve known Idahossa for a few years now. He was one of the business people I interviewed in the Your Own Way Out Documentary.     TOPICS DISCUSSED Being a dreamer Struggling with execution The consciousness journal External vs internal motivation Suppressing creativity Anxiety and […]

SBM 052 : The Way of The Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III

Today’s Guest This is one hard working guy. JV Crun III joins the 52nd session of Smart Brand Marketing. As I was doing some research on JV, I quickly realized that he has a lot on his plate. This is not usually a good thing. He has three podcasts that he is creating and the episode count is […]

SBM 050 : Support For When Shit Hits The Fan with Josh and Jill Stanton

Today’s Guest Josh and Jill have been working hard for a few years now getting their business of the ground. They both join us for the 50th episode of  Smart Brand Marketing. I’ve already interviewed them both in the documentary I filmed a few years ago. It’s called “Your Own Way Out.” During that time we […]

SBM 042 : Why You Should Leave Your Weaknesses Alone with Taylor Pearson

Today’s Guest The author of “The End of Jobs” is here. Taylor Pearson  joins the 42nd session of Smart Brand Marketing. I met Taylor over a year ago in Bangkok while he was working for a Valet Parking App company. We re-connected again a bit later in Vietnam and I haven’t heard from him for a […]

SBM 026 : Productivity and Your Brain with Julia Roy

Today’s Guest Julia Roy joins the 26th session of Smart Brand Marketing with your host Tom Libelt. In this episode we chat about the brain and how it affects our productivity. Enjoy! Productivity and How You Can Increase Yours to Get Better Results Being productive is like a major requirement if you want to achieve something in all of your ventures. In […]