What are the 10 advantages of eLearning in teaching?

Over the past few years, the eLearning model of teaching has changed the way the mainstream approaches education.  Thanks to technology, people are no longer forced to dance to the old tunes of traditional education models. eLearning is a billion-dollar industry that will be worth almost $350 billion by 2025. As a new method of […]

What are the 4 stages of eLearning?

The way we educate has changed. Once enough people get used to doing things online on their own terms there’s no way we can ever go back to exactly how things used to be.  It’s not a bad thing.  All education simply comes down to a knowledge transfer. Whatever is most efficient should win. Rather […]

The 10 biggest disadvantages of eLearning

The new way of online education and schooling does come with its own problems.  Enthusiasm behind this entire new and money making industry is so intense that the drawbacks always get pushed aside. With eLearning, an enthusiastic student form any third world country who would usually be unable to afford tuition and a flight ticket […]

How to Improve eLearning interactivity

eLearning interaction is defined as the level of communication and engagement between educational tools and the learners whereby the learners immerse themselves and become involved in the process of learning. It is an essential element when it comes to the process of designing online programs and courses. There’s a definite correlation between how interactive and […]

eLearning vs Virtual Learning

Virtual learning and eLearning are two common words that are used to describe these new types of education. Due to the similarities between the two styles of education, it can be difficult to differentiate between both of them.  However, they are both convenient forms of distance education. One that you can take from anywhere as […]

How Much Can You Make Selling Online Courses

If you pay close attention, there are online course tutors everywhere. And these people seem to be living the dream. People no longer need classrooms to receive formal lessons on special courses, career training and programs. Thanks to technology, your home or office can be your classroom. With a dedicated online tutor and some dedication, […]

How to Attract Students for Online Classes: Top Tips

Online education has become one of the hot topics in the past few years, and every coach, consultant and expert is doing their best to monetize their expertise and get their time back by creating an online course. Its one of the best business models and allows you to stop trading your time for money.  […]

How to Buy Online Courses to Resell

Are you thinking of buying a course to sell? If so, there are various options available to you. The internet is full of pre-existing online courses on every topic imaginable, which is why creating another online course may seem unnecessary. However, there are many reasons why one may need to buy a course to sell. […]

How to Make Money Selling Courses Online

Creating courses and selling them online to make money is becoming very popular these days. With the demand for quality and premium courses on the increase, there is a great opportunity in the eLearning market. The sector is currently witnessing exponential growth that is expected to create a total value of $375 billion by 2026. […]

Is selling online courses profitable

Creating online courses and selling them is an international market that is booming at a rapid rate.  In 2015, the eLearning market was estimated to be worth about $107 billion.  In 2018, it was worth about $190 billion, and by 2025, it is expected to be valued at $300 billion. via GIPHY In the present […]