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SBM 044 : Dominating YouTube and Staying Ahead of Competition with Freddy Lansky

Freddy Lansky 1

Today we’re joined by the co-founder of ichess.net

Freddy Lansky  joins the 44th session of Smart Brand Marketing.

I have ran into Freddy a number of times over the last couple of years. He’s also featured in the documentary I produced called “Your Own Way Out”. Since I haven’t had anyone talk about youtube marketing I asked him to come on as he is an expert at it.

Topics discussed: 

  • How to dominate youtube
  • Selling to an older age market
  • Examples of click-baity titles
  • Challenges and benefits of entering into foreign markets
  • How to stay ahead of competition
  • Tripwires & upsells
  • Auto-responder sequences and sales funnels
  • Pricing products






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