SBM 043 : Growing a Business From $300 Monthly Revenue to $40K+ with Rohan Gilkes

Today’s Guest

The brains behind The Wet Shave Club is here.

Rohan Gilkes  joins the 43rd session of Smart Brand Marketing.

After the interview with Brent Leary we talked for a bit and he mentioned someone that bought a business making around $300 per month and in less than a year built it up to almost 40K per month. That someone is Rohan and I just had to talk to him. I reached out to him and he was happy to come on the show and share what he’s done and how he did it.

It’s a good episode.


  • Why post case studies
  • How he stopped people from Skyping him in the middle of the night
  • The skills need to grow a subscription business
  • How to choose the type of business to buy
  • The problem that comes when releasing products out of the gate early
  • The do’s and don’ts of branding
  • What a site needs to connect with customers
  • Service & fulfillment of products
  • How to keep customers from unsubscribing






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